Deadline for Voting For Summer 2014 Photo Contest Approacheth

I realized (much too late) that I hadn’t provided a deadline for voting for the Summer 2014 Photo Contest winner. How amateurish of me! Anyway, the deadline is this Friday, October 10, so make sure that you get your people to vote for your shot.

As it stands, “Boy Surfer” is leading with 37.63% (73 votes), “Girl Underwater” is a half length behind with 25.77% (50 votes), and “Kids in Arms” is coming up on the outside with 18.03% (or 35 total votes).

That doesn’t mean that the others are out of the race – a last-minute surge could make it anybody at the finish line.

Click on the link to add your vote if you haven’t gotten around to it, and get your friends-and-relations to promote your favorite.

Best of luck!


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