The 2014 Summer Photo Finalists Are Being Announced! Vote For Your Favorite!

sunset with sailboat closeupWe’ve had some really fantastic entries this time around, and a huge thanks to everyone who has taken part (and to everyone who is going to lend their voice and their vote)!

Unsurprisingly, given that the theme was ‘summer’, most of the entries involved the beach or water in general, but hey, that’s what summer’s all about, no?

Have a good look at all of the submissions, and at the end cast your vote for the photo that you think best encapsulates the season.

So without further ado, the finalists are:

Kids in arms

Kids in Arms

This is just so unbelievably sweet.

Boy surfer

Boy Surfer

I love the intention here. The desire to join the big boys but still content at this stage to hang ten on the beach.

Sunset beach

Sunset Beach

A classic shot of a place I know very well. Parson’s Beach, Maine. The depth of field is fabulous.

Girl Underwater

Girl Underwater

Underwater shots are always way cool, and this one captures the details nicely. If you could see her face, it would contain a look of joy and wonder.

Boy with Leaping Bass

Boy with Leaping Bass

I’m a fisherman, so I absolutely adore this shot. Perfect timing. My older son loves catching fish, but he too finds the release problematic.

Girl Leapfrogging

Girl Leapfrogging

I love the way the whole scene has been composed. You can imagine the girl collecting all of those shells in a bid to build a sandcastle, but the exuberance of childhood can’t be corked.

IMG_1762 - Version 2

Kids with ice cream truck

“Mom, I need some money! Moommm, I need money NOW, the ICE CREAM TRUCK IS HERE!.” What says summer more than the ice cream man? The desperation and expectancy are right here for us to see. Fabulous.

Sunlit sea with boats and boy

Sunlit sea with boats and boy

Sun-kissed water and a kid on the beach with a stick. Summertime indeed.


Camp Fire

For those of us who love camping, nothing says summer more than a campfire after a long day of swimming, fishing, hiking, and general summery stuff. Bring on the ‘smores, my friend.

Penguins on beach

Penguins on beach

I simply love the dissonance of sunlit shores and penguins. Replace those birds with human sunbathers and the shot would be essentially the same. Fantastic.

So, there are your ten shots to choose from. It’s been difficult whittling them down, but I absolutely love all of the submissions that made it to the final cut.

If you need another look, here’s a slideshow that might help you in casting our vote. Again, a huge thanks to everyone who submitted (even if you didn’t make the final cut), and best of luck to you all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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