Ice Baubles

Here’s a fantastic, crafty project for cold winter days. Unfortunately it doesn’t get cold enough here in Barcelona to actually do this, but for those of you in more frigid climes this looks really easy and incredibly cool. Hope you give it a shot, and have a look at the marvelous photography on the Lemony Shots site. Cheers!

Lemony Shots

Little Pie made “Ice Baubles” this weekend, something fun to do in the very cold weather. Here are Little Pie’s instructions (in her words) for making “Ice Baubles”:

1.  You just go outside and lay out some plastic picnic plates on the side porch.

2.  Pour water into the plates.

3.  You collect whatever you want to put into your baubles:  pine needles, leaves, berries–lots of nature!

3.  Decorate the  plates with water in them.

4.  Leave them overnight to freeze!

5. OH! Don’t forget the string! You have to cut a piece of string and lay it in the plate, too, along with the nature decorations before it freezes, so you can hang your bauble.  I hang mine from my swing set!  We bring my swings inside during the winter, so then I can decorate my swing set with ice baubles!

6. You can pop the baubles out of…

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