Benvinguda a Casa, a la meva Família – Welcome Home, my Family

We’re finally here, finally home! Boxes have been unpacked, furniture has been purchased, pictures have been hung. And, after nearly two weeks, an internet connection has been installed. Four hundred and fourteen unread messages in my email inbox, but in a way it was kind of nice to be unplugged for a while. I wouldn’t want to do it again.

We spent four days driving from Budapest to our new home in Sitges, Spain, a town 35 kms south of Barcelona. Tomorrow I’m taking the boys to the big city for the day. G’s excited mostly about the train ride there.

Anyway, I hope to bring you pithy and thought-provoking prose soon enough (or at least the crap I usually write), but for now I’m going to leave you with one photo from each of our overnights along the way, and some shots from our first fortnight in our new home.

First night: Trieste

First night: Trieste

mom and boys at cathedral

Second night: Genova

mom and G at fountain, Aix 2

Third night: Aix en Provence

D at playground, roses

Fourth night: Finally in Spain! A town called Roses.

boys wondering what the heck the sea is

Here at last, and first trip down to the beach. They look confused, as though they’re not quite sure what to do with so much sand and sea.

But now they're starting to get the idea.

But after a few minutes they start to get the idea.

D and G on carousel

Old-fashioned bicycle-powered carousel at a street festival.

D on path to nude beach

Walked along the coast to some secluded nudie beaches.

dawn from the terrace

Sunrise from our bedroom

els castellars, L'arboc

Happened upon this festival at a nearby town

evening church, Sitges

Sitges’ 17th-Century cathedral

G finding shells

We’re gonna have shells around the house, it would seem. Lots and lots of shells.

G on swing on beach

You have to love the sea views at the local playground.

G with lobster

Long before we moved I promised the boys a lobster dinner when we arrived. Promise kept.

Griffin with big grasshopper2

Sitges is set between the sea and Garraf National Park, about 10 minutes from our house. We went for a short hike one day and found this massive grasshopper.

lotsa fireworks with trees

Sitges puts on a fireworks display to welcome anyone who moves to the community. This one was for us.

path to nude beach

View of the coastline

sunset from terrace

Sunset from the boys’ terrace

7 thoughts on “Benvinguda a Casa, a la meva Família – Welcome Home, my Family

    • Thanks, Fiona! We already really like it here, and the settling in has been reasonably easy. We take our scooters down to the beach, sometimes even after dinner for gelato, and ride the bus back up. The kids are far more timid in the sea than I was at their age, but they’ll surely get used to it. Barcelona was a bit of a mission, and I’m sure I’ll write about that at a later date. Cheers for the welcome! Perhaps we’ll meet some day!


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