Something to Try Next Date Night

box of questions3My wife is a good woman. She’s smart, she’s fun, she’s dedicated to helping others, and she’s wise beyond her years. She knows that all too often on our fairly infrequent date nights we fall into the trap of talking about the kids, or work, or things equally banal.

So when we went to a fine-dining dinner for our 15th wedding anniversary the other night, she brought along a little box. She’d even decorated it with wrapping paper and cut a tissue-box type hole in the top. Inside were strips of paper, and on these strips were twenty or so questions she had come up with.

Here’s a sample, along with shortened versions of some of my answers (she answered the questions as well):

Who is the one person who has had the most influence on making you who you are today?

  • Answer: My mother

Which of your senses do you cherish the most?

  • Answer: Sight

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

  • Answer: Watching Bad Lip Reading’s bit on Newt Gingrich

Can you name 3 qualities that attracted you to me when we first started dating?

  • Answer: Yes

What is the craziest thing you could challenge me to do right now?

  • Answer: Go have sex in the restaurant bathroom. (Since we were waiting for our next course there wasn’t time – it had to wait until  we got to a nearby wine bar.)

What do you think is the one thing that I love most about you?

  • Answer: My buns of steel. (Followed in distant second place by my writing.)

What is the one thing you’re most looking forward to doing in the next year?

  • Answer: Exploring our new home in Spain.

Which celebrity would you most like to sleep with?

  • First answer: George Clooney. Second Answer: Rhea Perlman. Real answer: Salma Hayek.

What is the best gift I could get you?

  • Answer: An ice cream maker.

What do you think is my calling?

  • Answer: You’re doing it. Working in Human Rights.

What is your most vivid memory from when we met?

  • Well, I rattled of a dozen or so, which I think scored me pretty big points.

There were others, of course, and each one – although I’ve given only short answers here – sparked off lively, lengthy, and interesting conversation. It was a blast, and I’m glad that my wife took the time to put that little box together.

So next time you’re planning a date night, think about doing something similar. There’s no doubt that it will stimulate some intriguing dialogue. And who knows, it might even lead to sex in a public bathroom. Here’s hoping!

26 thoughts on “Something to Try Next Date Night

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  3. great idea…. we too have a new baby and our nights out are few and far between. we spend most of the night looking at him on our 3g baby monitor or talking about him. so this is definitely a good idea!!!!


    • And thanks for visiting and finding this useful! Happy 15th, and yes, sometimes you do need to work at it, but it’s absolutely worthwhile. All the best!


    • In fact, Cuttlefish, I did a recon of the bathroom situation when we arrived at the bar, and found them ideal. My wife is in Barcelona and so didn’t get a chance to run this one by her before I posted it. When we Skyped she said that it was perhaps a bit too much information and that it sounded as though I was bragging. Since I am, in her words, pretty much shameless, I saw nothing wrong with sharing that bit of information. And I had no intention of bragging (although subconsciously there may have been an element of that). Anyway, the entire evening was a lot of fun, and I’d encourage anyone to try something similar.


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