A Morning in the Garden

Yesterday was a bit showery (we had outrageous thunderstorms in the evening), so G and I mostly just played it cool at home. During a break in the rain we went down to the garden to get out of the house, and had a marvelous time looking for critters and finding out what was in bloom around the house. Here are a few shots from our time in the back yard.

Not pictured are the hooded crows, great tits, magpies, woodpeckers, and all of the other birds we saw, a cat slinking across the grass next door, a lizard sunning itself on the wall, a ladybug that landed on G’s shoulder, and anything else that was too fast for the camera. It’s incredible, though, what you can encounter in your own yard if you just spend a bit of time observing things closely.

baby fig

We planted a fig last year, and although we’ll be moving before they ripen, I’m pleased to see it producing fruit.

beetle closeup2

These beetles are so gorgeous

beetle closeup

Love the iridescence on these little guys

bee on white flowers

Bees are always welcome

bodza from below

We’ve become addicted to all things elderflower/berry, called ‘bodza’ here in Hungary.


Love the campanula


And the clematis

G riding the bike on the lawn

G tooling around the lawn on his bike

G whizzing by on bike

Whizzing by on the bike


Gotta love iris

last year's chestnut case

Last year’s horse chestnut case

little snail on leaf

We’ve got a LOT of snails in the garden

our little fig tree

Our little fig


Pansies are so pedestrian, yet so pretty

stripy snail 2

Stripy snail, just before I relocated him (at high velocity) from my vegetable garden

snail on rock closeup

Snail shell

snail lunch

I’m totally cool with the snails munching the grass, but not so much when they munch on my bean plants

snail face closeup

They’re either kind of cute or completely hideous close up, depending on your point of view

rose closeup2

Rose closeup

pink rose

We’ve got a ton of rose bushes in the garden, and the scent is simply delicious

sugar snap peas

Our sugar snap peas – we may be here just long enough to get an early harvest

thyme blossoms

The scent of thyme is always intoxicating

tiny bee on rose closeup2

Tiny, tiny bee on a rose

water droplets closeup

These droplets are on the nasturtiums that I planted at the front of the vegetable garden

water droplets on nasturtium

Nasturtiums are both pretty and great to eat. The blossoms look amazing in salads

white blossoms

Don’t even know what these are. Lovely, though. If you can identify them let me know.

There are treasures, and magic, and miracles in your very own yard. You just have to take a few moments to find them. Or to let them find you.

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