Planting for Pollinators

bee on dandelion with pollen furI’ve never reblogged anything, but I really like the content of Little Home in the Big City, love their gardens, and wouldn’t mind getting them a bit of attention.

Bees are in trouble, folks, and even though the EU’s recent continent-wide ban on neonicotinoid pesticides will probably help (I doubt the US will follow suit), anything that people can do to lend these vital pollinators a hand is most welcome. Have a look at this article, it may inspire you to plant some pollinator-friendly flowers. Cheers, Little Home!

Little Home in the Big City

Did you know that honeybees are endangered. Well, they are. This is a pretty scary thing – pollinators play such a huge, important role in our world.

I’ve considered taking up beekeeping, but it seems a little bit daunting and – not gonna lie, I’m pretty creeped out by the thought of walking into a swarm of stinging insects. Maybe someday, when I get some education on the process and can ease my husband’s concerns of our neighbors loathing a new venture.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on planting flowers and shrubs that are attractive to pollinators. It was an eye-opener for me to realize that many of the annual flowers I like aren’t beneficial in that sense. However, it’s been a fun challenge to do research and figure out what flowers bees do tend to enjoy. This year, my garden will be decked out with lots of Lantana…

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2 thoughts on “Planting for Pollinators

  1. Thanks so much for the reblog! It’s funny, just before I noticed my notification for this I was out planting lots of new pollinator-friendly blooms. I spent the weekend working at a flower nursery and paying close attention to what the bees were drawn to. Can’t wait to see more of the little workers in my garden!

    I, too saw that article about the EU banning those pesticides. It’s pretty sad that the US hasn’t opted to do the same. Apparently, the pesticides aren’t one of the leading causes, according to research. I’m skeptical. Just makes me want to work harder to make sure my yard and neighborhood is a good habitat for them!


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