Wanna Write for FNFF?

arch and sky, Sitges - CopyWe recently announced that we’d be packing it up here in Budapest and moving, and posted a few teaser photos of our new home for folks to guess. Well, Wonderland by Tatu came very, very close when she guessed Barcelona. Indeed, my wife’s new job will be in the city, but the photos are from the place where we’ve decided to live, a ridiculously pretty little town just down the coast from Barcelona, called Sitges.

So it looks like many of our family travel posts will be about Spain, and I’m sure that I’ll have some advice to share about moving your kids overseas, gleaned no doubt primarily from our own missteps and mistakes. We’ll also assuredly have some zany hijinks to relate about learning a new language (two, in fact, if we decide to tackle Catalan as well as Spanish), navigating the roiled and muddy waters of Spanish bureaucracy, finding a place to live, and starting a new school.

In the meantime, posts may be sporadic as we prepare for the move, and here I have a proposition. We’ve only ever had one guest post on the site, a great piece about travel in Switzerland by the talented Anne at The World is My Cuttlefish, but it was terrifically successful, and I’d be interested in having other guests write posts for FNFF. With Anne’s article it was absolutely a win-win situation, increasing exposure and traffic for both of us.

If you’d like to submit a post, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, they need to cleave pretty closely to our themes, primarily parenting and traveling with kids. Two, they should contain useful information for families. Three, the writing should be good, but in no way better than my own. If your writing outshines mine I shall be forced to muddle and mar beyond recognition it until it approximates the posts I put out. Seriously, I hope that any contribution you choose to make sends my stuff cowering in a dusty duncey corner of humiliation and shame.

If you’d like to be a guest on FNFF, just shoot me a message from the ‘contact us’ page, or send me an email at mmtread@fieldnotesfromfatherhood.com. In the interim, I’ll leave you with some more shots of our future home town. Cheers!

church, sitges - Copy

D running on dock, sitges marina - Copy

pigface, sitges flat

Sitges marina with crashing waves - Copy

16 thoughts on “Wanna Write for FNFF?

  1. FFNF, pick me, pick me! I’d be thrilled to write a piece for you. Our worlds and blogs seem similar – family, nomadic living, photography. We live in Switzerland now, but have lived in Hong Kong, Vienna, Oslos, Versailles, Paris, Munich, (disgusted yet?) Singapore and now in Geneva. Give my cage a rattle, and I’d love to pitch an article. Your site is a delight, and congrats on the Fresh Pressed. Feels nice for a minute or two, doesn’t it?–M


    • Hi Melissa! Hey, just so you know, when I clicked on your name in my comment list, an apparent defunct site came up – http://melissawritesofpassage.wordpress.com/. Presumably an early effort, but I had to do a bit of searching to come up with your current one. Anyway, had a look at your blog – great stuff! I’d be happy to have you contribute – what did you have in mind?
      And by the way, I recognize those Interdean boxes, oh yes I do.


  2. Ha! I knew it….Barcelona is a wonderful, wonderful city and Citges is a perfect choice. My husband worked in Barcelona for 9 months and I was lucky enough to visit him a few times, lovely city with lots and lots to do. I hope you like garlic, it seems infused in everything 😉


  3. Thank you for the opportunity to write for you, FFNF. Being posted on a fine blog was a great way to get out into the blogosphere. Funnily enough, with my own move coming up, I was hoping I could lure you over to write for me. Guess that will have to wait. What a beautiful place you are going. I look forward to hearing about it.


  4. I would LOVE to write for you. I have a lovely post about to come out about a train trip from Zurich to Austria, involving copious amounts of projectile diarrhoea (yes, you read right) and vomiting. Mmmmm. ;p


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