FNFF Is Taking to the Road, And We’d Love it if You’d Come Along

Those of you who regularly follow the blog may have noticed that we’ve not been posting as regularly of late. There is a reason for this.

After ten years of of riding the crests and troughs of life in Budapest, this rudderless ship is drifting on. And that’s why, between choosing our future home town, researching schools, and looking for a place to live, I haven’t had so much time to bring you the pithy and provocative prose about parenting and life on the expat road that you’ve come to expect.

Rest assured, however, that along with the toys and books and trinkets that we’ve picked up along the way I’ll be bringing this little collection of blitherings and babblings along with us. (It doesn’t take up much room, after all.)

While I could tell you straight out where we’re going, I figure I’ll give you a few photographic teasers and see if you can work it out on your own. Leave your guesses as comments, and no fair if you already know.

boys on the boardwalk

palm and sea

mom and g on stairs, church in background

D on the beach

D and G on the terrace

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