Word a Week Photo Challenge: Weather

This week Sue’s dictionary dished up ‘weather,’ and since I’m something of a freaky weather geek I couldn’t resist. Check out A Word in Your Ear for details on the challenge, other weather-related posts, and Sue’s own fabulous prose and photos.

I suppose I’ll arrange these chronologically by season, because, well, why not?

Nothing brings to mind the showery, warming days of spring to me more than bulbs bursting into bloom, tulips

apple blossoms and storks returning to their nests to rear young, storks on nest with apple blossoms

and the snowline slowly retreating up the slopes of Mt. Fuji.


Summer brings storms and dramatic skies,Tully pier 2

sunlight on water,gondolas at dawn 3

sudden squalls and rainbows,rainbow from flat

still, misty mornings perfect for fishing, Church and bridge in morning fog

and stunning sunsets.

Cliffs of Moher sunset 2

Autumn for me triggers memories of crisp, sweater-weather days,

G walking on leafy lane, kerepesi

deep blue skies framing autumn foliage

bent and swirling beeches

and late in the season, foggy mornings and skeletal branches.gnarly branches and morning mist

Winter weather can be punishing, especially in northern New England where I grew up, but it also provides low, lingering light and long shadows,Horse and carriage, Vienna

splashes of color in snowy trees,

robin in snowy tree

silent, snow-stilled forests,

fence and snowy fields

geese huddling out the weather on frozen ponds,

One-legged geese

city parks transformed into wonderlands,

D watching the birds, Varosliget

the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with a shovel,

our car waiting to be dug out

or just to sit inside with a blanket and a cup of tea and watch it snow.

snow with barn in background

Thanks once again, Sue, for hosting this challenge. I’ve seen some great photos from others, particularly some stunning shots of lightning, which is something I’m still working on. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Word a Week Photo Challenge: Weather

  1. What a great collection of photos. As I was looking through I get confused about where you live, because it looks so like parts of Scotland and Britain…..but then I read you’re in New England. I guess that’s why it got its name πŸ™‚


    • Thanks, Greenmackenzie! Actually, we live in Budapest, Hungary, and only one of those shots was from New England (the Canada geese). All of the others are from Europe, with the exception of the shot of Mt. Fuji, of course. There are two from Ireland, so it’s not hard to see why you were reminded of Scotland and Britain. Thanks for your comments and for having a look!


      • Ha…so I’m not getting confused then…just being a little dim πŸ™‚ But then I’m only on my second cup of tea, so the brain isn’t fully functional yet! Budapest is somewhere I’ve yet to visit…but it’s on my list πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, that is easily the best of the Weather photo challenge posts I’ve seen. You’ve covered every type of meteorological condition, and what’s more the photos are all superb. My favourites are the rainbow, the robin and the snow-capped volcano.


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