Word a Week Photo Challenge: Clouds

Well, I was going to take a break from this week’s photo challenge from A Word in Your Ear, but the theme proved simply too alluring, and I’ve seen some marvelous submissions from other folks which inspired me. I really do love these little challenges, and through them I’ve discovered great blogs that otherwise I may have missed, so thanks, Skinnywench!

The bay was perfectly placid on this particular morning, and the reflections of mountains and sky amazing.

Montenegro 041

Kotor, Montenegro

I just liked the way the lines of the church dome were echoed in the clouds.

Church and clouds

Church, Oaxaca, Mexico

Fun on the beach on a light-drenched late afternoon.

Ryan and D with the kite, Trinidad beach

Playing on the beach, Trinidad, California

Lake Balaton in Hungary is subject to very dramatic cloud formations and lighting, and this afternoon was particularly so.

Inci on the terrace with sun rays

A friend at Lake Balaton, Hungary

As I was saying.

clouds and sunrays

Clouds over Lake Balaton, Hungary

We pulled the car over on a winding mountain road to admire this autumn sunset.

wicked sunset

Wicked sunset, Austria

Any time you can get the contrast of a sunlit foreground with dark skies behind it you’re onto a winner.

evening lake Connemara

Evening lake, Connemara, Ireland

Cloud-and-rain-swept Connemara offers  constantly changing land, sea, and skyscapes.

D on Tully beach 2

Walking Tully Beach, Connemara, Ireland

Lake Balaton. Dramatic skies. I think I’ve mentioned that.

angry clouds, Balaton

Angry clouds over Lake Balaton, Hungary

I don’t know, I just really liked the contrast between the melancholy stolidness of the seated figure and the rays of the sun  breaking through.

seated figure, Kossuth

Sun rays and Kossuth mausoleum, Kerepesi Cemetery, Budapest

Kauai. What can one say, but: Gorgeous.

taro fields, Hanalei valley

Taro fields, Hanalei Valley, Kauai

I was drawn to the small stark silhouette of this goat against the ominous enormity of the sky.

Wild goat, b+w

Wild goat with cloudy skies, Waimea Canyon, Kauai

A Hawaiian sunset. How cliche. (But how pretty, too!)

evening sky from terrace, Poipu

Evening sky, Poipu, Kauai

Flying over Greenland on our way to California, there were incredible glaciers, azure pools of water, icy peaks, and of course, these clouds.

clouds on snowpack, Greenland

Clouds and snow pack, Greenland

What a morning to be on the slopes! Overcast in the valley, your gondola broke through a world of white to reveal the peaks poking through a rippling blanket of clouds.

gondola to summit, Campitello

Gondola to summit, Campitello, Italy

Thanks again, Skinnywench, for hosting these things. Always a pleasure to both submit shots and see what others have done. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Word a Week Photo Challenge: Clouds

    • Thanks, Sue. I appreciate the challenges and the opportunity to share photos with others, and the chance to be exposed to blogs I might otherwise miss. I also appreciate the exposure they bring to my own blog. Keep them coming!


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