Word a Week Photo Challenge: Love

Slimchick (aka Skinnywench) over at A Word in Your Ear has selected ‘love’ as this week’s photo challenge, so I’ve trolled my photos looking for shots fulfilling the theme. I have a problem, though, and I imagine lots of you out there have the same one.

I’ve been taking photographs of our lives and travels for at least the past 16 years, but bought a digital SLR only about 7 years ago. That means that the bulk of my photos are inaccessible unless I have them scanned and  converted to digital files. Which is an expense and just one more thing to do. Our entire time living in Japan, Mexico, Korea, and England, for example, was recorded the old-fashioned way, so for now I don’t have access to the photos on the computer.

Anyway, I’ll  stop moaning and start posting. Hope you enjoy!

Young love. My son just kept saying “Get it off me!”

Certainly someone once loved this beautiful woman, who died young.

There’s a lot of love for Santa at our house, that’s for sure.

Mother and foal, Ireland

What kid doesn’t love roasted marshmallows?

Or hot chocolate

Sitting on a willow, watching the river flow

Seen on a building in Maribor, Slovenia

The boys relaxing on the sofa

D and me

This peacock is looking for love, anyway

My oldest’s drawing of things Daddy loves

Fishing + doing it in the company of people I love = love²

Watching your child learn to ride a bike is a mixture of pride, apprehension, yearning, a twinge of sadness and a whole lot of affection – sounds like love to me

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