Daily Photo from Slovenia, Day 9

Day 9 began around 2:00 am with wailing from the boys’ room. Groping my way through the nighttime murk, I found our older son squealing in bed, kneeling over a pool of vomit, while his brother squealed at a slightly higher pitch next to him, objecting to having been on the receiving end of  such an unneighborly awakening. Much unpleasantness and general sleeplessness followed, until a dismal dawn brought rain and more rain. It was then the younger one’s turn to be sick, not one to be left out on anything. The day was spent indoors, with the exception of a pleasant hour-and-a-half round trip drive to the nearest town that had a pharmacy open on a Sunday. On the way I was able to take a few snaps from the open window of the car while rain spattered in. We’re hoping for a better night and clear skies tomorrow. And better photos.

Rainy day in Jezersko

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