Photo Contest Winners!

We received many, many quality entries for the competition, but as you know, there can be only one winner. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to send in their photos. Where we could, we’ve included some information about the photo and the person who took it, but sometimes we have nothing more than a name. Some shots are a combination of techniques from ‘How to Shoot your Kids,‘ but in most cases we’ve left it to you to decide which, if any, are being used. It was great to see all your shots, and we encourage all the families out there to keep shooting away.

These photos receive an Honorable Mention for outstanding quality:

This image comes from Cashawnda at I love how she got looowww for this shot.

Anne at sent this one in under the ‘Get Farther Away’ category. I like how the central figure is adrift in this sea of stones.

Linda at, like us, spends a lot of time outdoors with the kids. I like how the sinuous path leads the eye through the photo, and how the brightly-dressed kids really pop against the broad swathes of green grass.

I love this one from Rossella at The baby is clearly the focal point of attention for the people in the photo, who are themselves literally out of focus, making the absolutely gorgeous subject really stand out. Great stuff.

This one is from Shelley at, and I simply couldn’t resist the photo’s ‘awwww’ factor. A precious shot, without being cloyingly “precious.” Lovely.

Shannon from sent this one in. What makes it is the matching dresses on the girls, and the matching lollipops stuck in rapt faces. The background clutter detracts from the shot, but the kids are priceless.

I really like the perspective in this shot from Paul at The baby’s head is perfectly framed by those receding concentric circles, and the colors are great. Really nice.

Nathan at clearly shot the kids from an unusual angle. It’s a cute, casual, and unposed moment with the kids. Nice.

Keun Hee Oh snapped this little girl who had brought a flower to church for Mother’s Day. I love this shot. It’s clean and classic-looking and captures the girl clearly while the flower is a blur of motion. You can follow Keun Hee at

Buke sent in this lovely shot of her daughter at a garden party. The blurred background and the lighting help make the shot, but it’s also the contrast of the pastoral setting and the flamenco dress. But with such a beautiful girl, it’s hard to go wrong.

Robin submitted this great shot of her family wandering the sand dunes of the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Check out her blog for more beautiful photos.

Tania at sent in this shot in the “Get Farther Away” category. The ruins soar above the subjects and lead the eye through the image nicely. Well done, Tania.

In the spirit of the current Olympic Games, the final selections will be awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. There are two

Bronze Medalists:

This is a really hard shot to get, and I bet Shelley at had to ask her daughter to remain as still as possible for this one. The way she emerges from the dark and is illuminated only by the glowing candles gives an idea of what you can achieve without flash. A gorgeous photo.

This shot also comes from Kevin at, who took it among the hill tribes of northern Thailand. Obviously exemplifying the idea of getting closer, the shot evokes much wider images of cultural lifestyles and customs. Incredible colors and patterns here. A wonderful shot.

We were equally indecisive with the Silver Medalists, so again bring you two.

I absolutely love this shot from Lisa at The composition is outstanding, with the sunflower in the foreground echoed in the umbrellas of the two girls in matching outfits. Although you don’t see the girls’ faces, it’s a very evocative shot of a time and place. Really, really nice.

Kathleen at sent in this amazing shot of her nephew yawning. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but Kathleen got close to catch a really captivating image which reveals amazing light, textures and contours. Beautiful.

And now, the photo you’ve all been waiting for, the Gold Medal winner. First just let me say that I know at the beginning of this competition it was announced that the winner would get to take my kids for a month. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to rescind that offer, as we’re going to Slovenia for a couple of weeks and need to take the kids with us so that I can photograph them. Wait, sorry, what’s that, honey? Oh yes, and I’m being told that I also could not stand to be parted with them for that long.

And the Gold Medal goes to:

This photo is compelling in its very simplicity. You may recognize the baby from Rosella’s previous Honorable Mention-winning shot. It’s such a winning picture because of the great light, the cute headgear, and the facial expression. The frame is filled with the face emerging from the darkness, so your attention isn’t distracted by anything extraneous. A stunning shot of a lovely child, simple as that. Congratulations, Rossella. Check out her other work at

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  6. No joke, I did not expect to get anything out of this. I was so shocked to see my lil mans’ picture heading up the honorable mentions. Thank you so much. All the pics were amazing!


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