(Brief) Deadline Extension for Photo Contest

Damien with rather coincidental “Damien” graffiti

We’ve had quite a few really excellent entries for the photo contest, and once again, thanks to all for submitting. I’ve had a few requests for a deadline extension so folks can get their photos together over the weekend, so I’ve rather arbitrarily extended the deadline to Monday, July 30th. There’s some stiff competition, but don’t be afraid to share your shots. Good luck to all, and we can’t wait to see the stragglers!

WordPress also has some great advice about getting interactive, and Field Notes from Fatherhood gets a mention. Check it out!

Once again, I’m re-posting the rules and information, and if you need information or inspiration, see “How to Shoot Your Kids”.

Field Notes From Fatherhood is holding a Photo Competition! Send in your best family shots to for a chance to win! Grand Prize winner gets to take my kids for a month. Actually, the only prizes you’ll get are bragging rights, but hey, brag away!


Send in as many snaps as you like, but please, be merciful.

Only photographs of human subjects will be considered. You might have an amazing photo series of your goldfish Hildebrand, but people only, please.

If you’ve used one of the techniques discussed in “How to Shoot Your Kids,” please label each photo with that particular technique. It may seem painfully obvious to you, but we might not be as bright as you think we are.

Techniques are:

  • Shallow depth of field
  • Unusual angle 
  • Not posed 
  • Get closer 
  • Get farther away
  • Pan the camera 
  • No flash 
  • Using light

Entries will be accepted until July 27th.

Again, send entries to mmtread@fieldnotesfromfatherhood.com

Good luck to all, and we can’t wait to see your shots!

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